Your Local Company For 'SEO' With A Personal Touch

Buying a lemon is not only possible in the car business it can happen with your ‘SEO’ service too. The problem with Search Engine advertising is that most clients in Winnipeg who walk into an agency know very little about what they are buying. You live in a great city that has some great services right here in your back yard too.

Premium services are available in Winnipeg without paying top agency prices. There are several ‘no brainer’ warning signs you need to avoid like the plague when searching for the right ‘SEO’ company despite which local company you decide to you.

Proper ranking for your web site requires a natural link building campaign or at least an ongoing link building campaign. Paying for an ‘seo’ company to get your site onto page one of Google and then stopping the link building will not look natural to Google, it will look like a news story. News stories get many links very fast, then no more links after a week or a month and they fall off the map.

Be warned about experts in Winnipeg who call them self search optimization experts but all they do is follow each other. What you want is a local company for search that is plugged into a mastermind system like ‘limboland’.

No set up fee can save you a lot of money when setting up a campaign with especially with Winnipeg being a coupon city but you need to ask yourself what is being sacrificed by the company for seo services by eliminating a set up fee.

Especially if you are looking for premium search engine domination services that build links in a natural fashion, there is only about one company in Winnipeg that offers this level of service to the locals and the set up is just too extensive and effective to bypass a set up fee.

Ranking your company locally for only 20 phrases should have a much smaller set up fee and monthly fee compared to an international site optimized for 100 phrases in a competitive market. ‘SEO’ truly is one service you want to deal eye ball to eye ball if you are new to online marketing professionals. You get the personal touch and real person to person service right in your back yard.

Take My Advice – Please!

It’s getting to be almost an almost daily occurrence. Some poor, misguided public figure or celebrity wannabe does something that gives them a severe case of celebritis foolitis, which, loosely translated means, “How do I look good even though I royally screwed up?”

In my first-ever advice column, “Ask a Loon,” I offer some sound public relations advice to these troubled souls…

Dear Loon,

I’m a recently-impeached governor who’s trying to come out looking like a hero. How can I do this?

R. Blagojevich, Springfield, IL

Dear R.,

I’ve seen you on TV-what’s with that hair? Here’s a news flash: the Beatles broke up 40 years ago. How about taking a little off the top, like, maybe, a couple of feet? And do something about that last name. You need to buy a vowel or something.

Dear Loon,

I used to be a single mother of six with no income. I say “used to be” because the stork just brought me a little present-octuplets! But a lot of people aren’t happy with me. Do you think they’re jealous of my puffy lips?

Angelina…I mean, Nadya S., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Nadya,

Eight is enough, but 14 is for Brangelina. What are you trying to do-get Sally Struthers to come to your house and weep uncontrollably? Try getting a job. You’ll need a six-figure salary just to afford lip gloss.

Dear Loon,

Dude, I’m an Olympic champion swimmer with sponsorship deals out the ying-yang. But I’ve pretty much jeopardized it all be getting caught on video taking a bong hit. How can I restore my good name and keep from losing my lucrative endorsement deals?…Gotta run- the pizza guy’s at the door and he’s bringing three loaded pies. I’m soooo freakin’ hungry!

Michael P., Baltimore, MD

Dear Michael,

Losing all that over a lousy bong hit? I don’t condone drug use except for taking antidepressants by the fistful, but that sounds kind of petty. Maybe the best thing to do is to go before the International Olympic Committee and make a formal apology. I hear they serve appetizers.

Dear Loon,

You might recall that a few weeks ago some birds flew into the engines of an airliner in New York City, causing the plane to crash into the Hudson River. No people were seriously hurt, but many of my flock mates went to that Big Golden Egg in the Sky. Now it’s come out that the birds were Canadian geese. My country already gets a bad rap, having produced national health care, round bacon, and Celine Dion. Now your country will hate us even more. We need to do a little damage control.

M. Goose,
Winnipeg, Quebec

Dear M.

One question: What the hell were those birds doing in New York in the middle of January? I thought you guys flew south for the winter? The only thing I can tell you is to go someplace warm for a while until this blows over. And take Celine Dion with you.

Dear Loon,

I’m a famous baseball player who’s had a rough year. First, I got dumped by Madonna. Then, my ex-manager wrote a book where he called me “A-Fraud.” Now, it’s come out that I used steroids. What should I do?

A-Rod, New York City

Dear A-Fra…I mean, A-Rod,

Wow! Talk about taking a sharp grounder right in the groin! But here’s the good news-you might not have the Material Girl anymore, but you’re still living in a Material World, and you’re still making $25 million a year. You should be able to buy a new image, if not a new girlfriend.