Daily Gorgeous Adds New Product To Their Skin Care Treatment Offerings


(Colleyville, TX)— Daily Gorgeous, a Texas-based skin care treatment facility, has recently announced the addition of Bellafill dermal fillers to their product offerings. The addition gives patients a new option for getting help with reducing wrinkles and restoring facial volume. Those who would like to learn more about Bellafill and how the professionals at Daily Gorgeous are using it to help patients get the look they want should visit

Dr. Lisa Fairweather, aesthetic director and owner of Daily Gorgeous, stated “Although aging is inevitable, people are looking for medical procedures that help them maintain a more youthful appearance at any age. Dermal filler injections are often the most viable way to do this, and we are proud to be adding one of the best fillers on the market to our current lineup of treatment offerings. Bellafill is a semi-permanent, collagen-inducing dermal filler that works with the body’s natural processes to replace lost collagen. It’s such a simple procedure, yet it produces visible results from the very first treatment. Studies report 91 percent patient satisfaction and 83 percent satisfied after 5 years.”

Bellafill is manufactured by Suneva Medical Inc. The facial filler is currently FDA approved for the correction of facial wrinkles, also known as nasolabial folds or smile lines. It has also been proven effective for the correction of moderate to severe facial acne scars on the cheek in patients over the age of 21. Bellafill is the only dermal filler currently on the market that is both safe and effective for correcting smile lines for at least a 5 year period. The procedure can be performed right in the Daily Gorgeous office and is minimally invasive with no need for patients to worry about downtime after the treatment.

As Dr. Fairweather goes on to say, “We are passionate about producing beautiful results for our patients and giving them nothing less than the very best. Adding Bellafill treatments to our current offerings will allow us to do this on an even greater scale. We look forward to using Bellafill to help our clients achieve the smooth, beautiful, and natural looking appearance that they want and deserve.”

About Daily Gorgeous:

Located in Colleyville, Texas in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Daily Gorgeous provides skin care treatments and aesthetic medicine procedures that are both preventative and corrective.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/heraldnet/news/read/31872494/Daily_Gorgeous_Adds_New_Product_To_Their_Skin_Care_Treatment_Offerings

Finding A Lawyer For A Work Place Accident

Workplace injuries are only one focus of personal injury law, yet it is a typical kind of case. People may become harmed even at jobs which are considered relatively safe, and in addition they might be entitled to compensation for his or her accidental injuries. However, it may be difficult to file for an insurance claim and acquire the compensation you’re entitled to in case you are harmed.

If you are seriously injured at work, you have a restricted amount of time to visit a health care provider and also file for reimbursement. You’re also going to want to be sure you have all of the correct documents necessary to show you are entitled to the settlement. Often, individuals who try and accomplish this independently are refused compensation. This is often for various factors, but it doesn’t invariably imply they are not eligible for a settlement. Rather, they will need to work with a legal professional that can help with the lawsuit. You can work with a legal professional prior to filing the first time or it is possible to work with a legal representative that will help with the appeal. In either case, your own lawyer will assist you to get the compensation you should have.

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Choosing Reception Area Fixtures Designed for Your Own Workplace

The furniture you have inside your reception area often supplies the initial opinion consumers have for the organization so it is important to select wisely. Skillfully designed office furniture will give customers and potential clients an optimistic sense. The perfect foyer workplace for the company reflects the style in addition to attitude of your respective enterprise. Trendy businesses needs to have modern office furniture that helps consumers identify they are in the best place when they come within the front door. Office reception fixtures should also be sufficiently premium to present potential customers a feeling of assurance. Deciding on the best dealer for the office furniture is essential to the success of your organization. The good news is, you do not really need to devote a lot of money to have a great price for a modern white reception desk. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPhNrdsJiPc to learn more about ways you can get the ideal place of work pieces of furniture at affordable prices. Together with communicating a proper picture, your furnishings need to furthermore be more useful. The ideal office reception environment fixtures gives adequate area for all of the equipment necessary to complete the job suitably without having leaving the desk to look jumbled or perhaps disorganized. Sufficient space for storing along with cord control really are a need within office reception workstations. When you are undecided about just what you might need for your business, a proficient sales rep may help you pick the perfect white reception desk for your personal waiting area. In addition to finding a great white reception desk for sale, you will also require seating and side tables for your waiting space. Floor space is usually a aspect every time business owners choose the foyer location fixtures thus it is essential to have the measurements and dimensions of the area before making an order. The very best providers offer review products for their buyers which means you will not have to agree to a substantial number of chairs before you are sure they may be right for your working environment. Count on your sales team to help you out in identifying what products may suit your needs best and giving a range of fashionable pieces that your customers will not likely notice in every office they stop by. When you’re completely ready to make a choice, be sure the provider you end up picking appreciates their potential customers adequately to offer you shipping and delivery.

Obtain a Good Solid Fine Home Chair

Should you be somebody who is needed to sit to almost all your work day, you probably know how essential it really is to own a premium seat. You will need something which is going to be more comfortable to use each day plus a thing that won’t cause any sort of severe harm on the back. Should this be your situation, you should start shopping on the internet now just for 24 hour chairs. These are built especially for people like you and they can supply you with the reinforcement that you need to help you pay attention to your work without getting in a number of soreness.

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