How to Buy an iPhone Car Charger and Get Bonuses

Few phones are as popular or elegant as Apple’s iPhone 5. However, like most smartphones, its battery can drain quickly when you view videos, play music, and perform other high-energy functions. You can easily solve this problem if you buy extra charging cables and use an auto charger. That doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, either, when you buy an amazon iphone 5 car charger as part of a kit that includes bonuses. Amazon’s VoltRanger package includes:

A QUALITY CAR CHARGER: The VoltRanger Car Adapter/Cigarette Lighter Adapter includes 2 USB ports. That means you can charge two devices at the same time or one at a time. The Minzos adapter is made from high-quality materials and is fire retardant. It is beautifully designed to look good in your car. Your charger will stay cool to the touch. It uses smart technology that will not overcharge your phone, and can be used with other devices, such as iPads, and iPods. It is also compatible with an array of cameras, GPS units, and tablets. Because it is Apple-certified, it is guaranteed to fit your devices and charge them as quickly as possible. The charger meets all CE, FCC & RoHS standards. LIGHTNING CABLE: Your kit will include an MFI Certified 60 inch iPhone 5/5S/5C USB Lightning Cable. It is certified by Apple and guaranteed to work with devices that include iPad Air, iPad 4th Generation, iPad mini, and more. Its PVC construction ensures the cable will not kink or tangle easily. NON-SLIP MAT: If you have ever grabbed for your iPhone as it slid off a car seat, you will love this free bonus mat. Made from silicon, it holds your phone securely in place while you drive. The mat does not use adhesives and leaves no residue on your phone. JEWEL CASE: Your kit arrives in a hard plastic jewel case that can be used as a storage solution for your charger and other accessories.

The simplest way to keep your iPhone charged is to use a car charger, and Amazon offers an affordable Apple-certified model that comes with a data cable, non-slip mat, and jewel case.