WestJet Becomes International

Good news for WestJet fliers. As of October 20, 2010 travelers booking flights from Asia into Canada will be able to connect with WestJet flights on a single ticket. WestJet has partnered with a Hong Kong based airway, Cathay Pacific. WestJet will not be selling direct tickets to Hong Kong.

What Does This Mean For The Airlines?

This is WestJet’s first major ticket-sharing partnership. Cathay Pacific will allow travelers to connect directly to WestJet flights once landing in Toronto or Vancouver (where they already have a hub), under one ticket. It is also expanding to six new Canadian cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Montreal. This is a significant milestone for them since it is the first successful international ticket arrangement.

This will also bring more travelers to Vancouver, simply because more people will be coming through their airport. Many will be passing through to other destinations but some will stay in Vancouver, which will be great for the tourism in the city.

Where Else Will WestJet Be Going?

Since WestJet is a Calgary based carrier, it will be most beneficial to the company if they can get a successful partnership with a company based out of the US. Most of the fliers that WestJet attracts are North American. They still plan on expanding through partnerships with more global carriers.

The vision at WestJet is: “…to become one of the five most successful international airlines in the world.” There has been talk of partnering with other airlines (Southwest Airlines) which have been called off. They are still determined to reach their goal and partner up with more international airlines. WestJet is planning for a similar partnership with Air France and has been discussing also with British Airways and Delta Air Lines.

Why Has It Taken So Long?

One of the delays they have encountered is with their reservation system. They needed to implement a new system which could handle the complex coding of the new arrangements. This has caused two years of headaches for the airways, but now that they have it in place hopefully new partnerships will be made quickly and effortlessly.

What Does This Mean For Travelers?

This partnership will most strongly affect North American travelers. Having the option to use a local airline will make international travel (Asia for now) will simplify the process of traveling. WestJet pioneered discount airfares in North America, and hopefully they can do the same internationally. As WestJet branches out and creates new partnerships with other international airlines it will also increase tourism to international destinations. North Americans will be more likely to travel to foreign destinations if they know and trust the airline they are traveling with.

Your Local Company For 'SEO' With A Personal Touch

Buying a lemon is not only possible in the car business it can happen with your ‘SEO’ service too. The problem with Search Engine advertising is that most clients in Winnipeg who walk into an agency know very little about what they are buying. You live in a great city that has some great services right here in your back yard too.

Premium services are available in Winnipeg without paying top agency prices. There are several ‘no brainer’ warning signs you need to avoid like the plague when searching for the right ‘SEO’ company despite which local company you decide to you.

Proper ranking for your web site requires a natural link building campaign or at least an ongoing link building campaign. Paying for an ‘seo’ company to get your site onto page one of Google and then stopping the link building will not look natural to Google, it will look like a news story. News stories get many links very fast, then no more links after a week or a month and they fall off the map.

Be warned about experts in Winnipeg who call them self search optimization experts but all they do is follow each other. What you want is a local company for search that is plugged into a mastermind system like ‘limboland’.

No set up fee can save you a lot of money when setting up a campaign with especially with Winnipeg being a coupon city but you need to ask yourself what is being sacrificed by the company for seo services by eliminating a set up fee.

Especially if you are looking for premium search engine domination services that build links in a natural fashion, there is only about one company in Winnipeg that offers this level of service to the locals and the set up is just too extensive and effective to bypass a set up fee.

Ranking your company locally for only 20 phrases should have a much smaller set up fee and monthly fee compared to an international site optimized for 100 phrases in a competitive market. ‘SEO’ truly is one service you want to deal eye ball to eye ball if you are new to online marketing professionals. You get the personal touch and real person to person service right in your back yard.

Take My Advice – Please!

It’s getting to be almost an almost daily occurrence. Some poor, misguided public figure or celebrity wannabe does something that gives them a severe case of celebritis foolitis, which, loosely translated means, “How do I look good even though I royally screwed up?”

In my first-ever advice column, “Ask a Loon,” I offer some sound public relations advice to these troubled souls…

Dear Loon,

I’m a recently-impeached governor who’s trying to come out looking like a hero. How can I do this?

R. Blagojevich, Springfield, IL

Dear R.,

I’ve seen you on TV-what’s with that hair? Here’s a news flash: the Beatles broke up 40 years ago. How about taking a little off the top, like, maybe, a couple of feet? And do something about that last name. You need to buy a vowel or something.

Dear Loon,

I used to be a single mother of six with no income. I say “used to be” because the stork just brought me a little present-octuplets! But a lot of people aren’t happy with me. Do you think they’re jealous of my puffy lips?

Angelina…I mean, Nadya S., Los Angeles, CA

Dear Nadya,

Eight is enough, but 14 is for Brangelina. What are you trying to do-get Sally Struthers to come to your house and weep uncontrollably? Try getting a job. You’ll need a six-figure salary just to afford lip gloss.

Dear Loon,

Dude, I’m an Olympic champion swimmer with sponsorship deals out the ying-yang. But I’ve pretty much jeopardized it all be getting caught on video taking a bong hit. How can I restore my good name and keep from losing my lucrative endorsement deals?…Gotta run- the pizza guy’s at the door and he’s bringing three loaded pies. I’m soooo freakin’ hungry!

Michael P., Baltimore, MD

Dear Michael,

Losing all that over a lousy bong hit? I don’t condone drug use except for taking antidepressants by the fistful, but that sounds kind of petty. Maybe the best thing to do is to go before the International Olympic Committee and make a formal apology. I hear they serve appetizers.

Dear Loon,

You might recall that a few weeks ago some birds flew into the engines of an airliner in New York City, causing the plane to crash into the Hudson River. No people were seriously hurt, but many of my flock mates went to that Big Golden Egg in the Sky. Now it’s come out that the birds were Canadian geese. My country already gets a bad rap, having produced national health care, round bacon, and Celine Dion. Now your country will hate us even more. We need to do a little damage control.

M. Goose,
Winnipeg, Quebec

Dear M.

One question: What the hell were those birds doing in New York in the middle of January? I thought you guys flew south for the winter? The only thing I can tell you is to go someplace warm for a while until this blows over. And take Celine Dion with you.

Dear Loon,

I’m a famous baseball player who’s had a rough year. First, I got dumped by Madonna. Then, my ex-manager wrote a book where he called me “A-Fraud.” Now, it’s come out that I used steroids. What should I do?

A-Rod, New York City

Dear A-Fra…I mean, A-Rod,

Wow! Talk about taking a sharp grounder right in the groin! But here’s the good news-you might not have the Material Girl anymore, but you’re still living in a Material World, and you’re still making $25 million a year. You should be able to buy a new image, if not a new girlfriend.

All About Pet Adoption – Find Helpful Reviews

After seeing so many episodes of Animal Rescue on the Animal Planet channel, I decided to look into dog rescue adoption in my region. I was very surprised to discover there were so many pets available through this program and I was also astonished by how many of them are perfect companions right for a family.

The program on television is very graphic and disturbing to a person who loves dogs. While I wasn’t shopping for a new pet, I just had to see what dog rescue adoption opportunities were available where I live. There were plenty. Actually,it was hard to narrow down my search due to the fact that there was a lot of pets for adoption in the program.

I knew that I found my perfect pet once I saw her, just as many of pet owners have said in the past. The first animal I saw when the dog rescue adoption organization opened was for me. She is a mutt who has been though a lot but she is very good-looking and very affectionate.

Coming across dog rescue adoption animals can be an extraordinary experience. The idea that these pets were underfed, malnourished and neglected seems impossible when you see them by the time they are ready to enter a new home. I saw nothing but a nice group of potential pets who will become superb companions. I the dog rescue adoption clinic, I believe I saw my future pet.

The interesting thing about this future pet of mine is that she is already trained and she has been tested by an animal behaviourist. I am now pretty sure this pup will do well with my kids and I know that she will be happy the rest of her days. A loving pet from a dog rescue adoption program can be very rewarding.

I am amazed by my new pet. She is so affectionate and easy to manage and it seems that her love for the family is unconditional. She transitioned into our home easily and she required no training. I really think that she may be ready for a furry friend, too.

There were so many pets available at the dog rescue adoption organization that I’m sure that we can find another in no time. I’m sure that we will know which one to take home right away. Love at first sight can happen more than once in a lifetime when it comes to pups.

I hope you come across what you were looking for. We also have all kind of information about embroided dog collars, lighted dog collar, dog rescue adoption or heartgard for dogs to name just a few. Remember thaton a regular basis, we keep posting dog related information, so visit us regularely and why not tell a friend…

My Mobile Watchdog: An Important Tool in Monitoring Your Kid's Text Messages

I am always worried about the whereabouts of my children. To keep them safe and make sure they can always get a hold of me are my priorities. When prices on phones became realistic I immediately purchased one for my little girl Liz who’s 12 years old. Although giving my daughter a mobile phone has enabled me to be in contact with her whenever I want, I realized that this tool can also be used by stalkers and unscrupulous individuals to get in contact with my child. Watching the news about sexual predators and “sexting”, which is sending or passing semi-nude or nude photos via text messaging, has really made me doubt whether it is safe for my kid to have a cell phone with her at all times. Some teenagers are unaware that sending nude pictures or texting with strangers can be really dangerous. I really wanted to monitor text messages being sent to and from my daughters phone.

It is really a blessing when a fellow parent told me about My Mobile Watchdog. So I immediately checked out Bob Lotter’s website to see how he could protect my child. Keeping Liz safe and making sure she doesn’t do anything that can lead to further danger is what I plan to do. I just heard on the news that Liz’s favorite actress had even more nude photos released of her on the Internet. By monitoring my kids text messages I will be able to insure that this does not happen to her.

Looking at all the great features on My Mobile Watchdog and talking to other Moms convinced me that this is one of the best ways of monitoring text messages. I also like that I can afford this product and that is so easy to use. I am not Internet or computer savvy so I was scared this was something I would not be able to figure out. The feature I like the most is the one that lets me create my daughters contact list and I can check it when ever I want.

At first, my daughter was really mad at me for setting up My Mobile Watchdog. Feeling like I did not trust her she was very hurt that I was spying on her. After I told her why and that it is to keep her safe she understood. She really started to realize monitoring text messages was really important because one of her friends was sexting. Now that poor girl has pictures of her half naked body all over the Internet.

Credit Cash Offers Loans to Large Merchants Based on Future Credit Card Receipts

When it comes to merchant loans, an inverse relationship often exists between merchant size and credit risk. The smaller the merchant, the larger the perceived risk; the larger the merchant, the lower the risk.

Credit Cash provides working capital and funds a maximum of a companys average monthly credit card sales amount.

So, it makes sense – at least on paper – to get in the business of loaning money to bigger merchants. There is less risk, and the funding amounts are larger. Therefore, the revenue from the loan will be considerable. However, there is a reason few companies are willing to lend significant sums to merchants: It takes money – and lots of it. Most merchant advance companies dont have such resources, so they focus on smaller merchants. It is more work, but still profitable.
Most likely, if a company has the means to offer a $3 million loan to a credit-worthy large merchant, it will.

Credit Cash extends credit to larger merchants only and has the resources to assist clients whose monthly credit card volume is at least $200,000. It provides working capital and funds a maximum of a companys average monthly credit card sales amount, offering amounts from $150,000 to $3 million.This is of interest to ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) because agents who work with Credit Cash can typically earn better commissions for less legwork. Credit Cash is comfortable providing sizeable loans to the large-business segment. In fact, through its affiliate firm Entrepreneur Growth Capital it has been lending to this niche since 1937.

Credit Cash managers have over a combined 100 years of experience in this business, and their clients represent more than $750 million in annual sales.

One of the advantages agents enjoy with Credit Cash is the ability to place deals that their existing source can not fund. Because our target markets are larger merchants, we do not compete with other cash advance companies, said Dean Landis, Founder and CEO of Credit Cash. Processors, ISOs and MLSs can maintain their existing cash advance relationships and utilize Credit Cash for their larger merchants. We have also found that larger merchants are unwilling to pay the typical cash advance rates; so our product is a viable resource for ISOs.

Credit Cash adheres to true loan processes. It also reviews account receivables, inventory, equipment and real estate.

Another advantage for agents and their clients is merchants and other clients do not need to change processors. Landis noted that many of Credit Cashs clients borrow their funds in addition to a bank loan, while some use the company instead of going through a bank. Clients may want to grow and know they shouldnt or cant go back to the banker, he said. We are a good option for them. We fill in. We subordinate to the bank, and we dont interfere with that relationship.

Seasonal businesses, such as restaurants and stores in vacation destinations, are particularly well-suited to borrow funds from Credit Cash. Often it can be difficult for these types of businesses to secure additional funding, because they have low cash flow during off season months. In these cases, when a bank loan or additional funding from investors is either not ideal or impossible, Credit Cash can be a viable solution that pleases owners, as well as investors and creditors.

Credit Cash is also a solution for businesses that have considered mortgage refinancing, but due to the recent tightening of the mortgage market, either cant or dont wish to pursue that avenue. Also, mortgage refinancing takes time that many businesses dont have. Credit Cash typically supplies funds within 10 days of receiving all the appropriate paperwork.

In terms of funding options, larger merchants typically are more experienced than their smaller competitors. Others focus on small merchants and charge high rates, Landis said. As you get to the larger merchants they say, We are bigger, more sophisticated. We know enough not to pay those kinds of rates. This is a new sales product, to a new group.

Credit Cash rates are as low as 1% per month, so a six-month loan could be as low as 6%, 12 months as low as 12% and so forth. Terms are from six to 24 months. Repayment is typically 3% to 10% of credit card sales. Merchants can either pay a percentage of credit card sales or a fixed daily payment.

Credit Cash uses a variety of channels to generate sales, including referrals, an inside sales force, brokers, processors, ISOs and MLSs. This is another vehicle and source of income, Landis said. Agents are always looking for valued added products for added income. ISOs can customize the Credit Cash application with their company name, so the process appears seamless to the client.

Credit Cash pays its agents a 10% commission on new loans and 5% on renewals. For example, if an agent brought in a merchant who borrowed $1 million for a 10-month loan, Credit Cash would earn $100,000, and the agent would earn $10,000.

There are many ways to measure customer service. You can study surveys, ask people for recommendations or look at an existing client roster. In the case of Credit Cash, 100% of its credit card cash advance customers have renewed their loans. After three generations of being in the lending business, we understand customer service, Landis said.

This renewal rate is not only good for Credit Cash, but also for the agents who brought in those accounts, as they earn 5% commission on each renewal. Credit Cash makes it easy for clients to renew loan applications. Once theyve paid 50% of the loan, they become eligible to renew, Landis said. Our average commission is $5,000. Not only is it important for MLSs to hold on to valuable accounts, it is also essential for ISOs to reduce attrition within their sales force.

If an office has a stellar sales agent, it doesnt want him or her to be enticed away by a competing ISO. By offering a unique and lucrative product, Credit Cash strives to help ISOs attract and retain valuable agents.

Credit Cash provides financing for much larger businesses than other merchant finance companies. They target companies whose credit card revenue exceeds $600,000 per year. Their loans start at $50,000 and go up to $3 million. Many other companies reach their top limit where they begin.

This article has been distributed by SalemGlobal Internet Interactive Public Relations. Based in New York City, SalemGlobal optimizes websites to increase traffic from search engines for the medical, healthcare, legal, automotive and real estate industries, provides lead generation and improves conversion of site visitors to buyers.

Goals And Belief Systems

Do you remember saying to yourself, when I do that, I will…. Why do people always make excuses so we don’t do the things we really want or desire? It has everything to do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.

When we grow up our believe change:

* It’s not right to want too much abundance.

* If you are not careful, people will take everything you have!

* All rich people are snobs.

But, remember those days when we were kids:

* I am going to be a super hero.

* I am going to be a fireman.

* I am going to be a rockstar/moviestar.

What actually happened in our lives that changed our believe in ourselves and our abilities to achieve? In my opinion when we are getting older, we are facing people or experiences in our lives that tell us we could never be, have or acquire something or led us believe that we could never be all we could be.

Is a bad experience or a huge let down something that happened to make us think we deserve less than our dreams (remembering the days we were kids)? We have to conquer it and change it right now. Be grateful for the things that are still wonderful in our lives. We can re-shape our future through simple techniques like for example goal and target setting.

Let me define once the difference between a goal and a target. At least this is my opinion, because I know there are different explanations about this matter. Through experience in my own life, I came to this definition. Goals have dates, targets don’t. Target setting is anything which you need, want or desire to achieve half or master of which the pathway of realisation or acquisition may not at this time be revealed, but which you are unconditionally committed to its fulfillment so much so that you can regulate it to your highest level of human commitment, a NEED! E.g. I intend to become a top earner in my company.

Goal setting is simply the act of writing down the result you achieve by a specific date in the near future on a piece of paper, so that you can work towards it in easy baby steps. Easy achievable it must be, so it will not face any fear of accomplishing that goal. E.g. signing up at an article directory today before noon.

We are talking about baby steps. Doing and implementing a little bit on a regular and consistent basis. Taking massive action for just one day won’t get you far, however, taking 10 little baby steps every day or so can eventually get you around the world if you just keep going and don’t quit!